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Anthropology E105: Home

Assistance with research assignments

About this website

This course website is designed to help you complete your research assignments for E105.

This HOME page has general guides to searching techniques that will be useful to you.

Please note the tabs across the top and refer to them when completing your specific assignment.

Sociology subject guide

For further information, a listing of Sociology & Anthropology sources is available on the Schurz Library webpages. 

Finding key words

Finding good search words is often the most difficult part of the search process.

For example, if my search is about the concepts of gender and income, I might also find information under these search words:

Gender Income
Female Wages
Women Low-income
Male Socioeconomic
Men Poor

Look carefully at the subject terms listed in the journal record when you're searching for articles to see what words the authors and the database have listed there.

Narrowing and expanding searches

You can NARROW searches by using the Boolean operator AND, as noted in the above examples.

You can EXPAND searches by using the Boolean operator OR. For example:

(income or wages) and gender

You can also narrow searches by using limiters in the database, such as date, full-text, scholarly (peer-reviewed), etc.

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